7 Tips That Will Help You Teach Essay Writing

Essay writing is a common part of education. The most basic definition of an essay is a short formal piece of writing that focuses on one subject. They are usually used to persuade readers using research, ideas, and experiences. The writer should try to convey a sense of credibility with research and information.

There are four common types of essays, including expository, descriptive, narrative, and argumentative. This type of writing is used to analyze information, develop ideas, and draw conclusions. It is also helpful when developing analytical and problem-solving skills.

Educators who are tasked with teaching students how to write essays have a very important job.  This is an activity that will come up again and again as your class works through their academic careers. Make sure you give them all the tools they need to be successful by using the essay teaching tips listed below.

  • Hone Their Writing Ability

Before you begin, you should make sure your students possess a solid understanding of the basics of writing. Their knowledge of spelling and grammar should be appropriate based on their age and grade level. For example, young learners will not need an advanced vocabulary to write an essay, but they should know how to craft simple sentences.

  • Reading Can Improve Writing Skills

Reading can improve a student’s writing skills. Encourage reading as a fun activity to do at home or school. The more exposure they have to language, the more familiar they will become with new words, phrases, and styles. This will also help them learn how to structure their own work. Reading will strengthen the skills they need to become great essayists!

  • Demonstrate the Art of the Outline

Outlines are powerful writing tools. An outline allows the writer to organize thoughts and ideas and serves as a roadmap as they work. Show your students how to create an outline. It helps to present examples and have them write their own.

  • Use Examples to Write a Thesis

The thesis can be a tricky concept for younger learners. Show them examples before having them write their own. Share prompts with students to give them an opportunity to practice this part of their essay. This should serve as the core of the essay.

  • Let Them Use Technology to Write

Today’s learners are more familiar with technology than many of us were 15, 20, or 30+ years ago. Don’t be afraid to let the class use tablets or PCs if they are more comfortable using devices over pencil and paper. Remember to explain that their work has to be written in their own words – no copy and pasting from online sources!

  • Practice Essay Writing

Practice makes perfect, especially when writing essays. Give learners opportunities to practice. Assign exercises based on interesting topics. Doing even a small assignment daily can make a big difference in their essay writing ability.

  • Give Them Intro Ideas

The introduction gives many students trouble. This part is essential because it needs to draw the reader in. Give students suggestions or ideas to get them started. A good approach is to begin by sharing a personal experience, if appropriate.

With enough practice and a good understanding of the basics, young learners will grow into skilled essay writers.