The global warming essay – its causes and impacts

When it comes to writing global warming essay, one must be sure about including key influential forces. It is evident that an essay about global warming should highlight the main causes which lead to climatic changes. The essay should start with an effective statement to drive attention of readers. In global warming paper, a brief description should be given about what does the mentioned concept stands for. The introduction paragraph should summarize all relevant definitions. To write an essay on global warming, a basic structure needs to be followed, such as:

  • An introductory paragraph highlighting the key concepts, definitions and some past studies
  • Discussion section where the causes and effects or implications will be thoroughly discussed, along with providing some realistic evidence
  • Concluding section to summarize all facts and figures, and provide future guidance for further analytical study on the selected topic

One can even include a literature review on global warming in the discussion section to elaborate on what researchers feel about such alarming topic. The changes in the climate are definitely a major area of concern for all researchers. The earth is eventually getting heated up due to rise in greenhouse gases. It can be mentioned that the negative impact of such gases is witnessed on the environment. An argumentive approach can also be adopted while writing thesis on global warming. For instance, one can write about the solution adopted to control the problem and its overall effectiveness.

Elements to be included in structured essay on global warming

The essay on global warming needs to include the main causes – industrialization trend, ozone depletion, etc. In global warming thesis, the main argument should be properly outlined. Supporting evidence should be in favor of the chosen thesis. Do not forget to consider the related topics while formulating the research problem statement. For every global warming research paper, there are few elements which should always be considered, such as –

  • Introductory paragraph with a research question
  • Following paragraph including a literature review section
  • Analysis and findings section including research results
  • Concluding paragraph with a small section on recommendations

It is important to understand that the global warming thesis statement should be properly highlighted to outline which areas the writer is willing to explore. In every global warming introduction research paper, the key research aims and objectives are properly mentioned. The thesis for global warming should enable the audience to get an idea of what the writer would be discussing – previous causes or future implications of the identified problem. A simple solution for global warming essay is to gather all facts and correlate data in order to arrive at a particular solution.

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