Who will work on my how to prevent teenage pregnancy essay?

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School-age girls below twenty years old are the victims of early pregnancies. Anyone human would know that this needs to be seriously discouraged, the teenage mother, as well as the baby born, get affected. There is a high chance of birth complications for teenage moms of that age that any student may obviously not manage, resulting in school dropouts. The pregnancies among teens are highly influenced by:

  • Teens abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • The teens lacking a good education and proper guidance from their parents.
  • People with a great age difference engaging in relationships.
  • Teens abusing sex.
  • Those traditions that give an okay to early marriages.
  • Teens engaging in sex without the use of contraceptives.

This is something that needs all sort of interventions from every corner, it is unfortunate that platforms like the media are busy focusing on other issues and forgetting the core issues that are affecting families today. Pregnancies result in endless problems because the majority of teenage pregnancies are unplanned. If you ask, you will find out that the teenagers were just experimenting out sexual encounters. This will end up opening a door for many other problems as far as the newborn and the teenage mom’s health and unexpected responsibilities are concerned.

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